Meditation at Wat Khao Santi - Khao Takiab - Hua Hin - Thailand

Mindfulness, Concentration-, Vipassana (Insight)-, Loving Kindness Meditation


Introduction to Buddhism and to Buddhist Meditation

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Many participants have asked for a compilation of the talks and medi­tation instructions given during the program "Introduction to Buddhism and to Buddhist meditation" at Wat Khao Santi. This book complies with this request. It is available as e-book in Eng­lish and Ger­man lan­guage.
The basics of the Buddhist theory and med­ita­tion prac­tices are explained in eight chap­ters each. The emphasis in the theory part (Part I) is on the Four Noble Truths while the Four Foun­dations of Mind­fulness are the focus in the chapters about med­ita­tion (Part II).
Included is a detailed explanation of the Wheel of Life (De­pend­ent Orig­ination), a descrip­tion of the Noble Eight­fold Path or the Middle Way and expla­na­tions about the med­ita­tion tech­niques: Mind­ful­ness with breath­ing (Anapanasati), Insight- or Vipassana- Med­ita­tion, Loving Kind­ness Med­ita­tion and about mind­ful­ness in everyday life.

Day 1 Orientation talk 12
Day 2 What is Bud­dhism? – Basics (I) 16
Historical over­view 16
Teachings – over­view 20
Day 3 Why meditate? 32
Day 4 Basics (II) 40
The meaning of the term Dhamma 40
Two kinds of lan­guage 53
The Five ag­gre­gates 46
Day 5 The 1st Noble Truth 55
Forms of Dukkha 56
What turns life into Dukkha? 60
Common ways to escape from Dukkha 63
Day 6 The 2nd Noble Truth 70
The 12 links of De­pend­ent Orig­ination 73
The realms of existence 101
Other features of The Wheel of Life 107
Day 7 The 3rd and 4th Noble Truth 110
Wisdom 112
Morality 113
Konzentration 115
Techniques aimed at end­ing spiritual suf­fer­ing 117
Day 8 Meditation in daily life 124
Formal Meditation 124
Daily activities 127
One activity at a time 130
Changes in attitude 132
CONTENTS (continued)
Day 1 Getting started 140
Meditation postures 140
Basic meditation in­struc­tion 145
Day 2 The Four Foun­da­tions of Mind­ful­ness (I) 152
Anapanasati – Mind­ful­ness with breath­ing (I) 153
Day 3 The Four Foun­da­tions of Mind­ful­ness (II) 159
Anapanasati – Mind­ful­ness with breath­ing (II) 159
Day 4 The Four Foun­da­tions of Mind­ful­ness (III) 165
Awareness of bodily sen­sa­tions 165
Day 5 The Four Foun­da­tions of Mind­ful­ness (IV) 168
Mindfulness – Con­cen­tra­tion 168
Awareness in eve­ry­day ac­tiv­i­ties 169
Day 6 Vipassana (In­sight) med­i­ta­tion 173
Day 7 Loving kindness med­i­ta­tion 179
Day 8 Obstacles to med­i­ta­tion prac­tice 186
Literature 193
About the Author 199

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