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  • Cashmere is a top luxurious fabric choice for a bandana, known for its lightweight and comfortable qualities that make it easy to wear and style.
  • Cashmere bandana can be worn all year round, keeping you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • At Scafos, we use 55 grams per square meter of Cashmere yarn, making our custom-printed cashmere bandana extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Our cashmere is ethically sourced from the wool of the Kashmir goat, known for its insulating properties that are three times stronger than sheep's wool, and for being one of the most durable natural fibers.
  • If you want a top-quality bandana that's perfect for both summer and winter, a personalized cashmere bandana is a great choice. Be sure to check out our other fabrics offered in our personalized bandana on our website.
  • Cashmere is a fabric that possesses a natural beige ground color. As a result, when printing white or light colors on this fabric, the beige undertone tends to take center stage, thereby affecting the final outcome of the print.
  • We suggest using an image that has a resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI) and is in the RGB color space.





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What is a cashmere bandana?

A cashmere bandana is made from cashmere, a soft, light, and warm fiber. Commonly used in cold-weather apparel, cashmere is often blended with other fibers to create garments that are both stylish and comfortable. The Cashmere yarn used at SCAFOS for the custom bandana is 55 grams per square meter, making them extremely lightweight.

Cashmere is a comfortable fabric ethically sourced. The cashmere fibers are combed from the goat's undercoat and are then spun into yarn. One of the biggest benefits of Cashmere is its insulating properties which are up to three times stronger than Sheep's wool. Cashmere is also one of the most durable natural fibers, making it a great choice for long-lasting garments.

If you want a top-quality bandana ideal for both summer and winter, a personalized cashmere bandana is a great choice. Read more about our other fabrics offered in our personalized bandana on this page.

How to wash a cashmere bandana?

Though cashmere is a natural, durable fiber, it needs to be treated with care in order to hold its colors and shape the longest. You shouldn't wash your cashmere bandana regularly, but it is possible to wash it, should you need to give it a refreshment or get rid of a stain.

We recommend dry cleaning. Refrain from wringing or twisting the cashmere, but instead, press out the water gently to keep the shape of the bandana. 

If you must use a machine to wash your cashmere, select the delicate or hand-wash cycle on your washing machine and use cold water. Place your cashmere in a mesh bag before putting it in the machine to avoid any damage. As with hand-washing, press out the water gently and lay your cashmere flat to dry.

With these simple tips, you can keep your custom cashmere bandana looking new for seasons to come.

Order your personalized cashmere bandana today

At SCAFOS, we make it easy and convenient to order your custom cashmere bandana. In a few easy steps, you are well on your way to turning your favorite picture into an elegant cashmere bandana:

  • Choose an image or design you would like to have printed on your bandana. This can be a personal photo, a piece of art, or a unique design - the sky is the limit! Use the design tool to drag an image saved on your computer, or even upload one from your Facebook or Instagram easily.
  • Next, decide on your preferred size and see how your chosen image will fit. Drag to fit the image to your liking, making sure to get your favorite part of the pattern or photo included in your design. Click the 'preview' button to see your choices reflected in a pack shot to get a clear idea as to how the end result will turn out.

Note that by default our custom-printed Cashmere bandana on a square size has a machine-stitched hem on all four sides.

Are you in doubt about the fabric, it's also possible to change that part at this stage. Explore our many offered fabrics and become inspired to create silk bandana, modal silk bandana and more.

After placing your order we will get started on creating your personalized cashmere bandana in no time.


Make a difference with SCAFOS

At SCAFOS, we're all for being ethical and making sure that your purchase contributes to the world we live in. When you place an order with us, you can feel confident knowing that 2 % of our profits are donated to children living under poverty-stricken conditions across India.

Our fabric and material choices adhere to fair trade certified regulations for all business dealings, while the printing takes place at our partner factory, also operating under fair trade conditions.

We strive for the highest employment standards, expressed by providing a safe and healthy environment and valuing and appreciating each employee on every level within the company. We operate this way so that our customers can have peace of mind, knowing every product they purchase from us comes with a guarantee of ethical, socially conscious, and responsible business practices.

You can read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility and general company values here. Create your custom cashmere bandana today and help us to make the world a better place, little by little.